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Last weekend, we’ve installed an 8 person original wooden cedar hot tub in one of the vineyards in Hunter Valley. The vineyard name is – Warraroong Estate and you are welcome to visit them for wine testing or for relaxing over the weekend.

You can imagine how hard it is being in the middle of the finest winery and installing the tub. It took one and a half day but we manage to do it -:)

The tub was installed near the pool and with the great view on to the mountains that surround the valley. Sadly, we had to go back to Sydney and could not enjoy the fruit of our labour -:)

Ukko Saunas and Cedar Hot Tubs lounged its new website dedicated to sauna heaters available in Australia. 

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There we explain how to choose the best sauna heater that suites your specific needs. You are welcome to read all published articles or ask us any questions you might have.

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We have been able to maintain our original low pricing despite the change in the exchange rate through tough negotiation with our suppliers and by taking a bit of the pain ourselves but this may not be the case for future deliveries.

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