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Ukko Barrel Sauna

Ukko Barrel Sauna

We are excited to introduce brand new product – Ukko Barrel Sauna Range. This sauna comes complete with 38mm thick staves and boards providing natural insulation inside this sauna.

This sauna uses 23% less area to heat – and as a result less power consumption and savings on your electricity bill.

We’ve design Ukko barrel sauna in such a way so that you can adjust your benching positions to accommodate your personal preferences. You can choose different options for your door: all glass or traditional wooden style! You can choose electric or woof burning sauna heater.

You can also tell us what inside size of the sauna you prefer and we will build the sauna to your specifications. For more information about this truly unique barrel sauna please click here…

As part of the private building project for a retreat home in Wollombi, NSW, Ukko Saunas built its 8 person original cedar hot tub last week-end. The tub will be sunk onto a deck which is under construction now. The hottub came with standard spa pack including 3kW spa heater, 3 horse power pump, filter cartridge, mood light fitting and touch pad controller.

Not only does this tub will use Hydrogen Peroxide which is an odour free, allergy free and environmentally neutral alternative to Chlorine or Bromine but it also has fitted a corona discharge ozonator and a copper, silver and zinc ionizer which reduces the chemical usage by over 80 percent.

Eight person hot tub by Ukko Saunas

Eight person original cedar hot tub by Ukko Saunas

Eight person original cedar hot tub by Ukko Saunas

Spa Pack for 8 person hot tub by Ukko Saunas

Ukko Camping Stove

Ukko Camping Stove

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Not just another camping stove. This light weight
and portable wood fired stove with chimney can be used for heating and

This camping stove makes the best present for someone who enjoys the pleasures of outdoor activities with family and friends!

If you like picnicking, camping or fishing this stove is a must!

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