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Ukko Cedar Log Sauna Range

Ukko Cedar Log Sauna Range

We’ve been redesigning our Cedar log hot rocks traditional saunas to make them most cost effective without compromising the quality. Based on our research, we’ve come up with the following sizes:

  • 1086mm x 1086mm with 2.3kW sauna heater – one person sauna package
  • 1386mm x 1386mm with 3.6kW sauna heater – two person sauna package
  • 1686mm x 1386mm with 4.5kW sauna heater – two to three person sauna package
  • 1686mm x 1686mm with 6.0kW sauna heater – three person sauna package
  • 2042mm x 1386mm with 6.0kW sauna heater – three person sauna package with one laying down
  • 2042mm x 1442mm with 6.0kW sauna heater – four person package with one laying down (3 benches, L-Shape)
  • 2042mm x 2042mm with 8.0kW sauna heater – 5 person sauna package with two laying down (3 benches, L-Shape)
  • 2642mm x 2042mm with 9.0kW sauna heater – 6 to 7 person sauna package with three laying down (3 beches, L-Shape)
Cedar Log Sauna wall element

656mm wall element


The dimensions of the saunas above are based on the standard sauna wall element width with added 130mm for the corner posts. Below are wall element sizes:

– 656mm

– 956mm

– 1256mm

– 1556mm

If you would like to have your sauna made out the best Canadian Western Red Cedar timbers and keep the cost down, you can work out your own sauna dimensions by simply adding or removing panels. And don’t forget to add extra 130mm for sauna corners.

All Ukko standard sauna packages come with all glass toughened door with roller catch, handles, sauna heater with rocks and built-in controls, sauna light fitting, benches, heater guard rail, floor board, Cedar finish air vent and sauna accessories – bucket, ladle and thermometer. The idea is that you can start enjoying your sauna straight away as soon as it’s assembled and the heater is connected to your household main power board (always consult certified electrician for the wiring and connections).

Available Options:

– Traditional style Cedar door with small window

– Cedar back rests for the upper benches

– Air humidifier with sauna essence

– Sand timer

– Towel hooks

Below are floor plans for some of the previously mentioned sauna dimensions:

1386 x 1386mm Cedar sauna floor plan

1386mm x 1386mm Cedar sauna floor plan

1686x1386mm Cedar sauna floor plan

1686mm x 1386mm Cedar sauna floor plan

2042 x 1442mm Cedar sauna floor plan

2042mm x 1442mm Cedar sauna floor plan

Ukko Cedar Barrel Sauna

Ukko Cedar Barrel Sauna

Last week our team traveled to Koonwarra in Victoria to install Cedar custom made barrel sauna. This sauna was custom designed with overall length of 3m and 2.1m in diameter.

Sauna Support

Solid cradle system made from treated pine provides strong support for the sauna.

Extra exterior sitting area (little porch) with seats was designed upon customer request so that bathers can relax after sauna session. For the best sauna experience, we’ve made traditional sauna door with the small window and roller catch.

Cedar Traditional sauna door

Cedar Traditional sauna door with handles and roller catch

Below are some pictures taken during sauna installation:

Bottom staves assembly

Bottom staves assembly

Mounting front of the sauna

Mounting front of the barrel sauna with the door

Front of the sauna

Mounting front of the sauna – back view

Almost there

Almost there… few more staves to place…

Final touch

Final touch before placing stainless steel rings…

Rings in place

Barrel is done with rings in place…

Ukko 6 person tub with all extras

Ukko 6 person tub with all extras

This 6 person Cedar hot tub was installed with custom made stairs, shelves, skirting and equipment enclosure. It took us two evenings to put it together on site with beautiful bay and marina views. Rain showers forced us to put a tarp above so we could do the job without nature interference.

The tub came with 3.5kW heater, 6 jets, 2HP pump, filtration, electronic sanitazation, cover and chemical stater pack.

This is a great example of Ukko tub stand alone installation. If you are thinking to install one of these Cedar tubs in your home, please give us a call or send an email and we will help you to chose best possible design, size and model.

Tub with matching Cedar stairs

Tub with hand made matching Cedar stairs as a complete stand alone unit.

Cedar Tub Stairs

Cedar Tub Stairs side view

Tub equipment base

Equipment base with 3.5kW heater, 2HP pump and filter.