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Ukko Cedar Log Sauna 2042 x 1442mmUkko Cedar traditional log sauna was installed today in Dural (Sydney), NSW. This sauna is one of our standard Cedar saunas (2042 x 1442mm) featuring V-shape profile logs for walls.

Even though it’s a standard size, we’ve done some configurations based on customer requirements. The door, for example, was made with the longer window.

This sauna was nicely fitted in to a leveled elevated slab. The slab was tiled prior to installation. We’ve also changed the door opening to make it wider and not to interfere with the adjacent bath room.

So if you are planning to have a sauna made to your specifications, please, by all means, contact us to discuss your project.

New Hot Tub Heat Pump

New Tub Heating Option with Heat Pump

If you ever wanted to reduce power consumption of your hot tub, this heating option is for you. It takes around 75% less energy than a normal conventional spa heater, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

These heat pumps also offer the added benefit of demand cooling during warmer months. No more frustration for you as a tub owner with the water being too hot in the summer. Simply lower the temperature on the supplied touchpad and heat pump automatically will regulate the water to your desired temperature – from 10 and up to 40 degrees Celsius.

It takes 1kW power to generate up to 5.5kW heating and it is now available for all Ukko tubs. Please contact us if you require more information.

1st day at Better Homes & Gardens Expo

On display is Ukko Sauna and Hot Tub

You know how it is when you rush on Friday morning towards the City… In short, too many cars. Cars are everywhere. There’s no escape, no changing lanes. “Bumper to bumper” so to speak. Besides, did you ever have the feeling that the other lane is moving faster than the one you are on? That’s exactly how we felt. And as soon as we’ve changed to the fastest lane, it slowed down. Well, the main thing is we’ve made it.

It was really a surprise that there were a lot of people wondering around and as soon as we got there, we straight away went to work telling people what those things on our display are.

Surprisingly, most of the visitors guessed it right – a timber spa and a sauna.  Few people though thought that the round wooden thing was a sauna. That kept us busy for quite a while trying to educate the “enlightened” ones of the best things in life.

We even got interviewed by the guys from Home Improvement pages with the camera so that more people could learn about those nice things.

Overall, it was a very good day despite the strong wind at the end that blew our tub cover away and hit my wife. No worries, it only cost the company a bottle of champagne to bring family life back on track.

So, if you still not sure what the sauna and hot tub is, please, by all means, get yourself to the Sydney Olympic Park, stand G145 and talk to us. We are there and might as well explain what it is all about.