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6 Person Ukko Hot Tub

6 Person Cedar Hot Tub in Avoca NSW

We’ve recently installed 6 person Ukko hot tub in Avoca in South Coast, NSW. It will utilize the latest technology in spa industry featuring heat pump running on a solar system.

To learn more about heat pump, please see our video presentation by following this link…

4 Person Tub partially recessed in to the deck

Margaret near her own recently installed Ukko Tub...

This Ukko hot tub was installed as a stand alone unit, partially recessed in to a deck. It has 4 air jets and complete filtration system with Xcelsior heated pump, which is plugged straight in to a dedicated 10Amps power supply.

“I have always dreamed about having my own Cedar hot tub and when I saw it during the Better Homes & gardens Expo in Sydney, I new it will be mine” – Said Margaret, another happy owner of Ukko Original Cedar tub.

Contact us for more information and available options for your dream tub!
And if you order your tub before 22nd of December 2011, you will receive a generous $700 off from the total price!

Clear Choice Chemical FREE sanitizer

No odors, hot-spring feeling - 100% natural purifier for all Ukko Tubs

Ukko Saunas and tubs started to supply natural chemical free spa cleaner with all Ukko Tubs. This easy to use alternative to Chlorine/Bromine chemicals has few very important advantages:

Clear Choice

– It is a healthy alternative to Chlorine or Bromine chemicals
– It provides nice hot-spring experience in your tub
– Your tub equipment will last longer as there’s much less wear and tear
– Ideal for people with different skin conditions
– It is easy to use and store than traditional spa chemicals and other toxic spa products

Give it a try – go to Clear Choice website and when you ready to order make sure you enter promotion code “UKKO” to enjoy a 10% discount.

And if you live in NSW, you can buy directly from us. Just give us a call on TOLL FREE number 1300 767 944 or email to and we’ll be able to help you with your order.