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8 Person Hot Tub

1.8m diameter Ukko Cedar hot tub with gas heater

“Tub was commissioned on Friday, used for the 1st time today… Looks great, smells great and performs beautifully . Thank you.” – Guy K.

Tub with deck

Custom made deck attached to one side of the tub…

Ukko Log Sauna

Ukko Log Sauna made with slight angle on one of the sides at the top

This sauna will be installed in to a very tight spot where the ceiling of the room has a bit of angle. The height of the sauna was custom made too to match the room.

Front view of the sauna

Front view of the sauna

This sauna was made for 3 people (1.5 x 1.6m) with clear glass door in Cedar frame. So if you would like to have your sauna custom built, please contact us to help you with your sauna design.

Sauna benches

Upper and lower benches

Angled corner

Angled top side wall inside the sauna

Electric sauna heater

4.5kW stainless steel electric heater with built-in controls and heater guard rail


Sauna air vent

Sauna air vent on opposite site from the heater