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Ukko wood fired tub heater

Wood fired heater for Ukko tubs…

Pre-order your wood fired tub and we will supply complete separate filtration system including circulation pump and filter with cartridge free of charge!

If you live on a property that has plenty of wood, this is the most economical and fast way to heat your tub water.It’s natural, quiet and very simple to operate.

And if you don’t want to refill your tub often, we will supply full filtration system with suction assembly and chemical free water purifier kit without any extra cost.

Wood fired tub prices:

– 4 person tub: $7,760 plus delivery
– 6 person tub: $8,260 plus delivery
– 8 person tub: $8,760 plus delivery

Your tub will be delivered in the middle of April 2013. We except 50% deposit with the balance payable once your tub is ready prior to delivery. You can also pickup your tub from our factory in St Marys NSW.

Offer Ends 15 of March 2013.

Would like to have jets with your wood fired hot tub? We can do it too – at extra cost. Fill out the form below to claim this offer:

Ukko Log Sauna

Ukko custom built 2 x 1.3m log sauna with roof package

This sauna was made to custom size 2×1.3m to fit in to the narrow spot. It came complete with extra roof package and traditional sauna door. It was designed for one person laying down and three bathers sitting.

Floor plan

Sauna floor plan with wide top bench and narrow lower bench as a step up

Inside Sauna image 1

Inside the sauna – top bench with head rest

Inside sauna image 2

Inside sauna – 6.0kW heater with guard rail

Everything is possible even if you have only small place for the sauna – we can do it! Contact us today to discuss your sauna project….


Hot Tub Wood Fired Heater

New stainless steel wood fired heaters for Ukko Tubs…

We are glad to announce that from March 2013, we are starting to supply wood fired heaters for our tubs. If you have plenty of wood in your property, this is the most economical way to heat your tub water. It’s natural, quiet and very simple to operate.

The heaters will be available in three different sizes:

  • Small heater: 10kW/h; 35000 max. output
  • Medium heater: 16kW/h; 55000 max. output
  • Large heater: 30kW/h; 100000 BTU max. output

The wood fired tub heater comes complete with temperature gauge, 2m high stainless steel chimney with rain cap and all connections.

We also can integrate simple and low cost filtration system to keep the water longer and crystal clear. You may  want some hydrotherapy  jets to come with it? You have it!

Send us your inquiry and start your tub project off the ground today.