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American Express Card

Surcharge free on all AMEX transactions till December 2013

We are excited to offer all our customers:

Surcharge Free Transactions
on All American Express Payments
until 15th of December 2013!

Now is the best time to buy a sauna, a hot tub or equipment and accessories using your American Express credit card – get your points and don’t pay extra 3.5% on top.

Spruce Basic Sauna

2 person – 1.2 x 1.2m traditional sauna

We’ve just done restocking in our factory and we were surprised to find two beautiful saunas from Finland in our stock.

This size saunas normally retail for $7,490.

The good news is that for October only
you can have it for only $4,790

Hurry, genuine traditional Finnish saunas (literally from Finland) for that price will not last long. Order yours today and start enjoying your very own sauna tomorrow.

This sauna features fully insulated Spruce walls and ceiling, all glass door with roller catch and handles, 3.6kW electric heater with rocks, upper and lower benches, light fitting, bucket, ladle, thermometer, towel hooks and sand timer.

Everything you need to relax in your very own sauna
is in the deal!

Sauna Floor Plan

Sauna Floor Plan

Mulgoa Rise

Mulgoa Rise new development in Western Sydney

Recently, we’ve delivered and installed 6 person Enviro range (gas heated) tub in Mulgoa’s one of the fastest new development area in Western Sydney.

One more idea to make standalone tub
to look great in the backyard settings!

Hot tub with deck enclosure and stairs

Hot Tub with deck enclosure and custom made stairs

This tub was supplied complete with electronic zanitazation: Ionizer and Ozonator to keep water clean.

Specially designed control air switch with time clock controller for filtration integrates two speed pump in to the setup. (Usually other suppliers provide only single speed pump)

Two speed pump filters tub water on a lower speed consuming only about 400W. And a higher speed (about 2KW) is on only when jets are in use. And as the end result – significant savings on household power bill!


Tub recessed slightly in to the deck (about 80mm)


Hot tub

Tub as a relaxing place in the house backyard

Bamboo screen

Bamboo private screen makes hot tub a pleasant retreat…