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This tub was supplied with hybrid electric system – heatpump and 3kW heater.

This solution makes it economical and faster to heat your tub comparing to just Q-Series 3kW heater system. It takes only 4.4kW of power to produce up to 8.5kW of heat…

If you would like this solution to be fitted with your tub, please contact us for pricing and more information…


2.1m long Ukko barrel sauna with half glass door

At Ukko we constantly improving our designs as we receive customers feedback.

This 2.1m long barrel sauna walls are assembled with vertical Cedar logs making it tighter and stronger fit.

Our 1/2 half glass door looks fantastic and nicely integrates in to overall sauna look.

2.1m is a preferred size for most our customers since it provides plenty of space inside. And with the full wide benches you can completely lay down and let go of your daily troubles:

Inside Ukko sauna

Inside Ukko barrel sauna

Real Canadian Cedar components of all Ukko barrel saunas ensure a beautiful appearance inside and out, and the experience of a true Finnish Hot Rock Sauna!

You also can enjoy your very own real traditional hot rock sauna today! All it takes is to contact us for a quote..