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Ukko Barrel Sauna

1.5m long Ukko Barrel sauna with 3kW heater.

“We have assembled the Sauna- that was easy because of the EXCELLENT clear and concise instructions. It LOOKS fantastic and works brilliantly. The Electrician that powered it up for us was in awe of it.
The smell is divine – we have it on our back verandah so we can smell it through the house. What more can I say than, after my first sauna today I feel fantastic.
THANK YOU and I will be recommending UKKO saunas to every one. Very happy customers!” – wrote Von & Mike S. owners of Ukko Cedar barrel sauna.
Half glass sauna door

Sauna front View with half glass sauna door.

Few more points to share:

  1. It looks small on the outside but large on the inside. We have it on our back verandah for so many reasons and it doesn’t take up that much space. BUT I can still sit 4 people inside or 2 of us can lay down.
  2. The smell throughout the house is simply FANTASTIC.
  3. I have it on the verandah so that I can use it in privacy when ever I feel like it.
  4. WHAT a SUPER place for a conversation ‘pit’ – we have some wonderful discussions in here.
  5. I LOVE the fact that I can turn it off and it still stays hot enough for a continued sauna for at least 15 mins. ( We only have it set to 1/2 temperature.)
  6. Only had it going for about a week and I can already feel my skin improvement.
  7. It is SO relaxing. I am sleeping better when I have a sauna at night.
  8. Our electrician has set it up so that we can move it around if we so desire and can get some strong people to help us.
THANKS I have wanted one of these for so long. Tried the Infrared ones and they just don’t have the same affect.

Barrel sauna

2.1m long Ukko barrel sauna with half glass door

“We are loving our sauna, use it most days and feel better from it. Very relaxing and good for our backs and sleep. We are happy to recommend your service and saunas. Thank you.” – Karen and Geoff from Canberra.

This was one of the difficult installations. Not only we had to bring everything up to the apartment on the 31st floor but also get parts up to penthouse using spiral staircase.

Installed is 4 person tub with 2kW heater and variable speed pump plus custom made log sauna with windows for views to the Central Station from the top.

Custom made log sauna

Ukko custom made sauna with 8kW heater

Floor plan

Designed floor plan to fit in to the place

Sauna views

Views from the sauna

P.S. Customer (CEO of Intercon Engineering Pty Ltd) did not pay for the goods delivered. He issued company cheque that he cancelled before we even got to the bank.

Legal proceedings started. Ukko Saunas changed its payment methods to not accept cheques anymore and not to deliver any goods until full payment received.