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“Photos of our tub, we are very happy with it.” – emailed Neil to us.

We would like to thank Neil for sharing pictures with us:

Ukko Hot Tub

Assembled 6 person tub near swimming pool

Test fitted tub

Tub factory test fitted

Ukko Barrel Sauna

2.1m Ukko Barrel Sauna is ready to go to Brisbane

This week we finished test fitting our popular Barrel sauna that is going to Brisbane next week. This sauna is featuring 2.1m long body with 1.82m diameter.

It has Ukko hand crafted 1/2 glass Cedar door and 8.0kW electric heater with all accessories.

Ukko Barrel Sauna from the right

This barrel comes complete with 4 stainless steel rings.

Two Cedar benches are leveled at different heights for better sauna experience.

Inside Ukko Barrel

Inside the sauna – benches, heater guardrail and floor board

6 Person Cedar Tub

1.6m diameter tub with custom enclosure & deck

This 6 person tub pictures were sent to us by our customers Stuart and Marnee M., who lives in one of the Melbourne suburbs.

They’ve just finished installation and we would like to¬† thank them for sharing this photo with us.

Nice tranquility settings with Ukko tub

More of the settings…