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Want to relax in your tub with music?

Now you can with Ukko high definition stereo package!

HiFi Package

HiFi Stereo Package for your timber tub

Package supplied complete with:

  • Wireless Module
  • 12V DC driver
  • 4 x specially designed speakers
  • Mounting brackets
  • Subwoofer
  • Touchpad controller

This package will enable you to listen to the music inside your tub via any Bluetooth device.

With the wireless module you can also control your tub from literally anywhere in the world via WiFi and Internet.

All you need is a special advanced controller that we can supply:

Tub Controller

Tub Controller for WiFi connection

With this option you can use FREE Android or Apple app to manage all your tub settings.

Say you have a holiday house and you are not there all the time.

So instead of keeping your tub hot and ready all the time, now you can turn off the heating and just have your tub on filtration mode. (Save on the power bill too).

And now your family decided to have a nice week-end at the house but you don’t want to wait 8-10 hours for tub to heat.

Great, you open up tub control app on your mobile or tablet and program your tub for heating in advance so by the time you arrive for your holiday – your tub is hot.

Android Apple App

Mobile App to control your timber tub via WiFi and Internet

Do you see now the benefits of this new feature?

You can perform all the settings that you normally do via your tub touchpad with the only difference that you do it far away from your tub.

Interested in this option?

Contact us for more information and pricing.


Introducing Mobile App Option to take control over your tub system via WiFi:



Ever wanted to control your tub remotely? Now it’s possible. Starting from today, Ukko Tubs have an option for WiFi remote control. All you need is an Internet connection.

Simple to use touch screen menus. Adjust the temperature of the water, select your desired heating (e.g. away mode – means that no heating is required except for filtration only), setup suitable filtration times including sleep or power save timers and much more..

Even if you’ve never owned or used a hot tub pool before, from the moment you got this option and download FREE app – you’ll be driving your tub like a PRO.

Contact us for more information and pricing.