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We were waiting for the right weather to install our tub. And right after the rain stopped we packed and went to Jamberoo.

First turn following our navigation system brought us straight to the flooded area and we had to turn around and go back. Eventually we got to the property (an hour later :))

Thanks to John and his wife – proud owners of Ukko hot tub – we were given strong coffee to keep us going.

The tub was designed and made to fit exactly in to a rather narrow place so there’s enough space to have a path to the other side of veranda.

Plus, we had to slightly elevate the spa so it is easier to keep an eye on wild nature that could nest under the warmth of the tub.

Hot Tub Design:

Custom hot tub design

Tub design side view

Tub Cedar shleves

Tub shelves made of Cedar 12mm shiplap

 Hot Tub Features:

  • Q-series 2kW electric heater with controls
  • 2 speed pump
  • Filter with cartridge
  • Electronic Sanitazation (UV and Ozonator Assemblies)

Hot Tub Sanitazation:

The tub was ordered with advanced spa UV light and Ozonator assemblies.

Spa UV and Ozonator

Ozonator and UV assemblies

Together they reduce chemical usage in your tub by about 90%. UV lamps are used by city water companies to sanitize it.

Those are optional accessories but strongly recommended especially if you want to have less worries and more joy from your tub.

Say no to chemicals in your tub

Ooch, all those chemicals…

We do recommend to have chemical backup though (bromine floater) if say you had a big party. Avoid using chlorine and bromine tablets as they bleach and destroy beautiful Cedar.

Pictures of finished Cedar hot tub:

Ukko tub installed

Tub filled with water and ready to heat..

Ukko Cedar hot tub from the other side

The other side of the tub.

Ukko hot tub

Another angle on the hot tub.


Press Play Now

We are exited to announce successful cooperation with one of Sydney home renovation companies – Brindabella Home Improvements

Together with Brindabella we’ve designed and supplied our specially designed Cedar log sauna profile timbers for a custom made traditional hot rock sauna.

This custom sauna is featuring 8kW electric tower heater:

Tower heater

8kW Electric Sauna Heater

Separate remote controls with custom made Cedar enclosure:

Heater touchpad

Remote Heater Controls with Cedar mounting block

Touchpad Cedar enclosure

Touchpad Cedar enclosure

Traditional Cedar Sauna Door with Round Window:

Ukko traditional sauna door

Traditional Sauna Door with round window

This is how sauna looks inside:

Inside Ukko custom sauna

Inside the Sauna

Sauna Final Floor Plan:

Ukko custom sauna floor plan

Sauna Floor Plan

This sauna also has Cedar back rests and lampshade for a better sauna experience.

If you live in Sydney metro and would like to have your sauna or hot tub made to your specifications, Brindabella Home Improvements is the best choice.

They have a team of professional licensed experts to get your project of the ground from start to finish. Whether you want custom enclosure/deck for your tub or a custom made sauna

Contact Brindabella