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Ukko Cedar economy tub

Tub test fitted at the factory

This tub has 900mm height staves – we call it “Economy” range. It comes complete with 3kW electric heater, 8 jets and all plumbing. Plus we supplied electronic sanitazation – Ozonator and UV lamp.

All the holes are pre-drilled at the factory and staves are numbered. So all you have to do is to follow the sequence when installing:

Ukko Cedar Tub with jets

Jets, skimmer/suction and ozonator holes are pre-drilled at the factory

Customer also ordered optional WiFi module to control equipment via Mobile devices (Apple or Android) via Internet:

Ukko WiFi module

WiFi module to control the tub via Internet. Ideal for holiday homes

Benches were supplied at 220mm height (standard for economy tubs) with step down. Please keep in mind that while it is 1.8m diameter tub, it is not for 8 people. You would need more leg space so it becomes 4 person tub:

Ukko standard hexagonal benches with step down

Hexagonal standard benches with step down

And this tub was flat packed and delivered to Seaforth NSW on Saturday last week:

Ukko flat packed hot tub

Tub flat packed and delivered

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Ukko Log Sauna

Ukko Log Sauna with traditional door and round window

If you remember in one of our Facebook’s updates we’ve showed a sauna for Sydney. Well, now it is installed and we’ve received pictures from the customer:

Ukko log sauna with digital controls

This sauna was supplied with remote digital controls

This sauna was made out of Ukko specially made log profiles (38mm thick) and you can see that every wall was done with no sections.

..Very happy with the sauna. Just wanted the colour a bit lighter but it is OK. In one hour and 10 min. control unit temperature was 107. Here are couple of photos. Thanks a lot. Yuri

If you are after a sauna give us a call on 0425 230 785.

4 Person Ukko Cedar Tub

Pre-assembled 1.4m dia Ukko Cedar Hot Tub

On customer’s request, this Cedar 4 person tub was pre-assembled and pre-plumbed at the factory.

Having this tub here at the moment and waiting for customer to pick it up, we decided to explain a bit more about plumbing and extra space required when considering installing hot tub:

Minimum space for the jet

Minimum distance from the edge of the tub to the jet

Always allow extra space for plumbing. It is not only jets you need to consider. There are skimmer and suction too:

Skimmer/Suction and Jets assemblies

Minimum distance from the gate valve is about 250mm

More extra space you’ve allowed will make it easier for you to install and maintain your tub.

As you can see from above image, we’ve designed our jets to be different heights which covers lower and upper back:

Ukko tub jets

All Ukko tubs come with jets arranged at different heights (unless you want them at the same level)

Now minimum distances from the top of the tub to skimmer and the highest jet:

Jet line and skimmer/suction assembly

Standard distances from top to the highest jet and skimmer

And don’t forget that there’s a top ring with rod and if you want to cover that below are the measurements you need to take in to account:

Ring and skimmer

Distances from the top of the tub to skimmer and the top ring

This info will help you when designing enclosure for your tub. Also you need to allow for filter cartridge as it needs to be accessed regularly for maintenance:

Electric Equipment

Filter is top load so you need to have minimum height of the enclosure to be about 950mm in order to take the cartridge out for cleaning.

Now back to jets. Jets are supplied with controls. We always split our jets in to two halves. That is why we have even number of jets in our standard tubs. The main thing to remember is that controls must be above water level:

Air jet controls

Air jets controls must be above water level. Otherwise water will leak from there.

Two ways of doing this:

  • Have your enclosure about 50mm off the top of the tub or
  • Make up a little box for air controls to rise them up above water level.

In conclusion, the more space you allow for plumbing, the easier it will be for you to install and maintain your tub.

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