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Ukko Saunas and Tubs

Ukko Saunas and Tubs

We are sad to announce an increase in our overall pricing for both tubs and saunas. We were trying to hold our prices intact for over a year but recent jump in our cost from the suppliers in Canada and Europe plus rising delivery and customs fees, we had to increase our prices too by about 10%.

Saying that, we still have some stock left and are happy to keep the same price while this stock lasts.

For the next 4 saunas and tubs order,
we are giving 10% discount

Even if you are not ready to buy now, you can secure last year price. Just pay normal 50% deposit and let us know when you need your sauna or tub to be ready for delivery or pickup.

This offer is limited to our current stock, so do not delay and place your order today.

Contact us via email sales(at) or call us on:

0425 230 785

Note: We can hold your order until December 2016 only.

First Ukko Barrel Oval Sauna in Australia!

Ukko Oval Sauna

4 x 2.4m Oval sauna with Harvia wood fired heater and custom made deck

This sauna was made out of Thermo Wood and supplied complete with Harvia M3 wood fired heater. Below is the floor plan of this unique barrel sauna:

Oval Sauna Floor Plan

Sauna Floor Plan

And few more images of this sauna, thanks to Nick – owner of this first Ukko Barrel Oval sauna in Australia:

Oval Sauna Assembled

Oval Sauna Assembled

Side View of Oval Sauna

Oval Sauna – View to the Forest

Ukko Pre-assembled hot tub ready for pickup

We’ve got few inquiries on how pre-assembled tub is picked up and decided to put few pictures here from recently done hot tub:

Ukko tub assembled on a pallet

Tub assembled on a standard 1.2×1.2m pallet with jet line and skimmer/suction lines assemblies

As seen on the photo above, we’ve assembled tub straight on a pallet and pre-plumb jet/skimmer/suction line assemblies.

We than use factory forklift to put the tub in to a customer’s Ute:

Ukko Tub on Ute

Tub put on to a car for delivery

While we are giving option to pre-assemble and pre-plumb your tub at the factory, we are not able to deliver your tub assembled. It is customer’s responsibility to organize suitable transport and deliver tub to site.