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Ukko barrel sauna

2.7m long Ukko Cedar barrel sauna with overhang, curved traditional door with round window and front seat to relax after sauna session

We are packing this custom made sauna for a client in Brisbane. It features 600mm overhang, front seat, and big window at the back for relaxing views:

Barrel sauna back wall

Window at the back sauna wall for scenic views

This is how this barrel sauna looks from inside:

Barrel sauna inside

Two benches along each sauna sides with Cedar head rests

Sauna front with towel

Look, we’ve hang the towel to make it look more inviting 🙂

Oh, and it will be supplied with electric heater and bitumen shingles to protect it from the rain

Want to order your sauna today? Call us on 0425 230 785 for more information.






Ukko display sauna

Come and test it!

We are excited to say that our long waited display sauna is finally connected and it’s up and running.

There still few things to do to make it look prettier but the main thing is that we can finally use it!

Ukko sauna is hot and ready :)

Ukko sauna is hot and ready 🙂

As expected we got it up in about an hour to a 100 degrees Celsius.

Digital sauna controls

101 degrees showing on digital touchpad but what is it inside really?

Sauna thermometer

Let’s have a look.. Here it is 100 degrees again 🙂

We are using SAWO 6.0kW Scandia heater with rocks:

Sauna heater

SAWO 6.0kW sauna heater with rocks

As you probably already know –  all the heat is on the top bench:

upper sauna bench

Top bench – we always use towel to protect the timbers

And of course what is sauna without steam:

Water on rocks

Pouring water on to rocks to make the room steamy 🙂

We did enjoy it and in fact we still do after hard work at the factory.

You, too, are welcome to come over for a test. Don’t forget your towel and swimmers.

Now the next project is to install Ukko display tub and barrel sauna. Stay tuned.

If you want to have your own sauna to yourself – give us a call on 0425 230 785.




Ukko barrl sauna

1.8m dia at 1.8m length Ukko Cedar barrel sauna

We just finished refurbishing our 1.8m long Cedar barrel sauna. This sauna was used by us in Sydney before moving to Sussex Inlet.

In case you are wondering how we deliver it – simple, we flat pack it on to a made pallet for courier pickup this week:

Flat packed sauna on a pallet.

All of the barrel sauna is inside this cute box 🙂

While we were test fitting this sauna for customer in Torquay, VIC, we decided to show you how to assemble front and back wall of our barrels.


Barrel front wall assembly

Lay all 3 wall parts and connect them together to make a perfect circle

Once all wall parts are together, simply screw them with supplied hex screws.


It is very similar to front wall except that there’s one more extra detail.

Step 1 - back wall assembly

Step 1- Lay barrel sauna back wall parts

Step 2 - back wall assembly

Step 2 – Connect all parts together. (You can use rubber mallet)

Step3 - back wall assembly

Step 3 – Screw all parts together with supplied hex screws

Note: In this image all parts are separate. This is just to show you where the parts need to be screwed together. Make sure that all wall components are tight together (the same as front wall)

Step 4 - back wall assembly

Step 4 – Attach back wall support panel where marked and screw it down to the back wall

That’s all there’s to it. Any questions, please contact us for more information.