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Ukko barrel sauna

2.7m long Ukko Cedar barrel sauna with overhang, curved traditional door with round window and front seat to relax after sauna session

We are packing this custom made sauna for a client in Brisbane. It features 600mm overhang, front seat, and big window at the back for relaxing views:

Barrel sauna back wall

Window at the back sauna wall for scenic views

This is how this barrel sauna looks from inside:

Barrel sauna inside

Two benches along each sauna sides with Cedar head rests

Sauna front with towel

Look, we’ve hang the towel to make it look more inviting 🙂

Oh, and it will be supplied with electric heater and bitumen shingles to protect it from the rain

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Ukko Log Sauna

Cedar log sauna with custom made traditional door and round window

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This is a standard 2042 x 1442mm Ukko log sauna and yet it’s different!


What’s different about it – is its traditional door:

Traditional sauna door

Traditional sauna door made from matching Cedar logs

Plus this door features custom hand made chunky Cedar handles. And based on customer’s choice it was customized with few options:

  • Cedar backrests for upper benches
  • And Cedar head rest
Sauna accessories

All standard accessories and extras…

Sauna head rest, bucket and ladle

Custom made head rest and Cedar bucket with ladle on sauna upper bench

One of the reasons why all Ukko saunas are top of the class is that we are using only clear “A” grade Canadian Western Red Cedar timbers in sauna construction. The walls of the sauna are built from 130 (cover) x 38 (thick)mm logs.

This is a custom made size sauna that was installed in a room. The room was slightly bigger than the sauna.

Emty space for the sauna

This is where the sauna has been installed…

In order to fit this log sauna we cut the standard 2042mm long sauna to 2000mm making it a perfect fit for the room.

The floor was not properly leveled and the customer ordered Cedar floor package so he could level it to place the sauna on the top:

Sauna floor pack

Custom made floor package for sauna…

Customer also ordered COMBI 6kW heater with digital controls to experience both steam and dry sauna!

6kW COMBI sauna heater

6kW steamer and sauna heater with guard rail.

In order to accommodate bigger COMBI sauna heater, we’ve made adjustment and modified front walls (normally supplied the same size):

Sauna floor plan

Sauna floor plan

Also supplied with this sauna were back rests for upper benches:

Sauna backrests

Sauna backrests attached to the walls for upper benches…

This is how this sauna looks installed with standard glass door in Cedar frame:

Sauna installed

Sauna fully assembled (during factory test fit)…

If you have similar situation such as space available in your house, please contact us to design your sauna.