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Ukko barrl sauna

1.8m dia at 1.8m length Ukko Cedar barrel sauna

We just finished refurbishing our 1.8m long Cedar barrel sauna. This sauna was used by us in Sydney before moving to Sussex Inlet.

In case you are wondering how we deliver it – simple, we flat pack it on to a made pallet for courier pickup this week:

Flat packed sauna on a pallet.

All of the barrel sauna is inside this cute box 🙂

While we were test fitting this sauna for customer in Torquay, VIC, we decided to show you how to assemble front and back wall of our barrels.


Barrel front wall assembly

Lay all 3 wall parts and connect them together to make a perfect circle

Once all wall parts are together, simply screw them with supplied hex screws.


It is very similar to front wall except that there’s one more extra detail.

Step 1 - back wall assembly

Step 1- Lay barrel sauna back wall parts

Step 2 - back wall assembly

Step 2 – Connect all parts together. (You can use rubber mallet)

Step3 - back wall assembly

Step 3 – Screw all parts together with supplied hex screws

Note: In this image all parts are separate. This is just to show you where the parts need to be screwed together. Make sure that all wall components are tight together (the same as front wall)

Step 4 - back wall assembly

Step 4 – Attach back wall support panel where marked and screw it down to the back wall

That’s all there’s to it. Any questions, please contact us for more information.








This standard Ukko Cedar log sauna was picked up from our factory in Sussex Inlet for delivery to regional NSW.

Ukko Cedar log sauna

1386 x 1386 sauna test fitted at the factory in Sussex Inlet, NSW

As a standard it comes with clear glass door in Cedar frame incl. Cedar handles, stainless steel hinges and roller catch.

Standard Ukko sauna door

Standard glass door in Cedar frame, handles and roller catch

We’ve put there 3.5kW Harvia heater with built-in controls and rocks:

Sauna heater with guard rail

3.5kW Harvia heater with heater guard rail

Inside sauna has one wider (490mm) upper bench and one narrower (390mm) lower bench:

Sauna benches

Two benches – wider upper and narrower lower benches

And of course, the sauna has all standard accessories:

Sauna accessories

Sauna standard accessories: bucket, ladle, thermometer and light fitting specifically designed for saunas rating for 110 degrees Celsius

You can read more about this sauna package by clicking here…

Price start from $7,990






Barrel Sauna Assembly

We’ve just finished test fit of our 2.1m long Cedar barrel sauna. While we were test fitting this sauna, we thought to make few pictures and show you how you can assemble it yourself.

Ukko Barrel Sauna

2.1m long at 1.82m diameter Ukko Cedar Barrel sauna

This sauna features traditional sauna door with square window, bitumen shingles for outdoor installation (if there’s no pergola to cover the sauna) and sauna air humidifier with Eucalyptus oil.

We did not put rings (you can see them near the shingles) but they need to be installed and tightened when putting this sauna on site.

Here’s how to assemble Ukko Cedar barrel sauna:

Step 1

Place sauna base staves on to the supplied cradle. Fix one stave only at this stage to the cradle with supplied hex screws (we pre-drill holes. You can’t miss it):

Sauna Cradle

Barrel Sauna Cradle


Barrel Sauna base staves

Place base staves (marked from B1…) on to the cradle and screw one stave down

Step 2

Place front and back walls in to the staves grooves:

Sauna front and back walls

Placing sauna front and back walls on to the base staves

Use level to ensure front and back walls are properly leveled:

Leveling front wall

Leveling front wall

Step 3

Continue with staves until sauna is fully done:

Continue placing staves 1

Go one half of the barrel on one side first


Continue placing staves 2

Then go to the other half of the sauna

Screw every second stave on to the walls to fix them during installation. (Before placing rings, you remove screws):

Continue with placing staves 3

Putting screws in to the staves to secure them until rings are in place


Staves are in place

All staves are in place (use rubber mallet to ensure tight fit)

Step 4

Place stainless steel rings and tighten them with supplied rods and couplings:

Placing barrel sauna rings

Use ring protective strip (or tape measure) to get 50mm from the edge of the staves on both sides

Step 5

Mount sauna door to the door jamb:

Traditional sauna door

Screw sauna door hinges to the door jamb

Step 6

Install bench supports and place benches on top of them (you can choose the best possible height for you). We normally put one bench lower for sitting and one upper for laying down (it will be hotter there). Mount sauna heater with guard rail, put sauna light fitting (under one of the benches) and place floor duckboard:

Installing sauna benches

Installing sauna benches

Well, that’s pretty much it. All you need now is a licensed electrician to hook the heater to your mains and connect sauna light fitting with an on/off switch (on/off switch must be somewhere outside of the sauna). Once all is connected you can start enjoying your sauna.

If you have more questions or would like to place an order simply CONTACT US via email “sales(at)” or via phone:

0425 230 785