Ukko Larch Barrel Sauna

2.1m long at 2m diameter barrel sauna with small porch

Today we test fitted our European Larch barrel sauna for customer in Sydney. It will come together with our Larch tub 🙂 too.

This sauna features small top overhang and traditional sauna door. It will be supplied with electric sauna heater and all accessories including sauna light fitting.

We’ve put below steps involved in this sauna assembly:



Sauna cradle and base staves are installed..

Ukko Barrel Sauna Front and Back Walls

Sauna front wall and back wall are fitted..

Ukko Larch Barrel sauna assembly

Sauna is a bit more than half way…

Ukko Barrel Sauna door

Door is hang and opens OK 🙂

Ukko European Larch Barrel Sauna

And the test fit is done. What’s left is to put the stainless steel rings and tighten them up..

Ukko Larch Barrel back wall

This is sauna back wall in case you were wondering..

Larch is much stronger and heavier timber so we had to put extra two planks to support back wall better.

The planks on the cradle will go off. They are there just to support cradle until sauna is fully installed.

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