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Ukko Log Sauna

Cedar log sauna with custom made traditional door and round window

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This is a standard 2042 x 1442mm Ukko log sauna and yet it’s different!


What’s different about it – is its traditional door:

Traditional sauna door

Traditional sauna door made from matching Cedar logs

Plus this door features custom hand made chunky Cedar handles. And based on customer’s choice it was customized with few options:

  • Cedar backrests for upper benches
  • And Cedar head rest
Sauna accessories

All standard accessories and extras…

Sauna head rest, bucket and ladle

Custom made head rest and Cedar bucket with ladle on sauna upper bench

One of the reasons why all Ukko saunas are top of the class is that we are using only clear “A” grade Canadian Western Red Cedar timbers in sauna construction. The walls of the sauna are built from 130 (cover) x 38 (thick)mm logs.

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Our biggest tub 2.1m diameter at 1.2m overall external height became very popular in Australia (maybe it’s a choice instead of pool? Who knows):

Ukko 2.1m dia Tub

Tub with enclosure and stairs

It’s been supplied with Ukko newly designed octagonal bench arrangement for more space inside the tub:

Octagonal tub benches with step down

Custom made seven benches and one step down

And for easy transportation, we supplied tub floor in two halves:

Tub's floor

Two tub floor halves to make it a breeze for delivery

And as always, we test fit every tub at our factory in Sydney to ensure perfect assembly:

Factory test fit

Factory test fitted and pre-plumbed tub ready for delivery

Note: Pre-plumbing the tub is an option.

Working hot tub

And here’s a tub up and running…

Assembled tub

Designed to fit and looks fantastic in the backyard!